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The Red Wildflowers gallery

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Anagallis arvensis, Scarlet Pimpernel,Shepherd's Barometer,Poor man's weatherglass
Anagallis arvensis
Scarlet Pimpernel
Shepherd's Barometer
Poor man's weatherglass

Lonicera tatarica, Tartarian Honeysuckle, Bush Honeysuckle, wild flowers
Lonicera tatarica
Tartarian Honeysuckle
Bush Honeysuckle

Monarda didyma, Crimson Beebalm, Scarlet Beebalm, Scarlet Monarda, Oswego Tea, Bergamot , wild flowers
Monarda didyma
Crimson Beebalm
Scarlet Beebalm
Scarlet Monarda
Oswego Tea

Rumex crispus, Curly Dock, Yellow Dock, Narrowleaf Dock, Sour Dock, wild flowers
Rumex crispus
Curly Dock
Yellow Dock
Narrowleaf Dock
Sour Dock

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